The Espalier, a beautiful hand drawn pattern with intervening vines and flowers wrapping around a trellis. The intricate design brings a classic charm to your living space and is a nice addition to any room. 


A bold but delicate pattern of figs, grapes and leaves. This hand drawn pattern brings a unique elegance to any room and is available in four colour variations.


The Kicki pattern is a delicate dance of detailed small leaves intertwining among floral petals, creating a vintage yet timeless pattern that brings charm and style to any room.

  • Hand drawn by Kicki Fjell

    Kicki is a Swedish pattern designer and illustrator with focus on botanicals and food. Her work is characterized by the love for details and colors.

  • Printed in the Netherlands

    All wallpapers from the Summer Bloom Collection are printed to order in The Netherlands.

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    10% Discount for the whole collection with the discount code INBLOOM. Limited offer.