Introducing our plain & textured collection

The Summer Gray plain and textured wallpaper collection is far from plain.

Chalk strokes, paint textures and reminiscent powdery lime surfaces with soft patterns of sweeping brush strokes - our plain & textured collection is beautiful. Lively and rustic for rooms in natural harmony and we're not surprised the popularity of this collection continues to grow.

The chalk and painters range from Borastapeter provide a range of earthy tones with differing textures, allowing people to achieve that rustic Scandinavian look. 

Plain wallpaper - Shades Carnelian

The collection offers pastel colours ranging from off-white to rich terracotta. The collection also includes three mural options with horizontal color field, creating a dark, cozy weight while the light upper maintains the space of the room. 

Plain wallpaper - Chalk Mural

Here is an example of the painters wall, a single-colored lime wallpaper Painter's Wall has a fully matt, slightly powdery surface and a mottled pattern reminiscent of a patinated, lime-painted wall.

Plain wallpaper - Painter´s Wall 

Check out the whole plain and textured collection to see all colours and variants.