Forest Lullaby

Out of unconditional love and a wish to support children’s fascination for all things natural, this wallpaper filled with wild flowers, leaves, daisies, clovers and the sweetest forest friends was dreamt into this world to create the most magical nursery.

Forest Lullaby wallpaper comes in 6 colours: Dusty Rose, Pine, Teal, Bluish, Moss, Linen

Birds & Bunnies

Once upon a time in a nursery not so far away, there was a magical forest filled with toadstools, ferns and wild flowers. Between all the foliage, cotton-tailed bunnies were playing hide & seek.

Happy little birds like sparrows, robins and blue tits were singing their sweetest songs for the child that kept them company in their magical nursery.

The Birds & Bunnies Pattern comes in 3 colours - Peppermint, Ecru, Dusty Rose

Ophelia’s Dream

Once upon a time, behind a little door there was a magical world, a bedroom that was filled with stars and magical moths. The door to this fairytale wonderland was always open, all you needed was your imagination and a little curiosity, just walk in and see.....

  • Hand drawn by Iris Esther

    Dutch artist Iris Esther creates heart felt art, inspired by nostalgia, childhood joy and a love for nature.

  • Printed in the Netherlands

    All wallpapers from the Dreamland Collection are printed to order in the Netherlands and take between 3 to 4 working days for delivery