The beautiful pomegranate fruit takes centre stage in our Pomegranate wallpaper. 

Hand drawn by Swedish artist Kicki Fjell, this delicate two tone pattern will look perfect in any room of your home.

The Pomegranate Collection comes in 8 colours - Stone Beige, Dark Teal, Gold, French Blue, Grey, Gold & Blue, Dusty Peach, Apple Green

Pamona was the Greek goddess of fruit trees, gardens and orchards, she watches over and protects the trees and cares for their cultivation. This wallpaper collection embodies Pamonas spirit and decadence through its floral and fruit patterns.

Lemon Trees

This hand-drawn blossoming lemon tree wallpaper by Kicki Fjell brings life into any room.

The harmonious wallpaper brings the perfect balance of nature and beauty, creating a beautiful atmosphere using hand-drawn interweaving leaves with blooming lemons. 

Lemon Trees wallpaper comes in 5 colours: Olive, Seagrass, Sage, Tea and Midnight Blue


The combination of colours create a serene atmosphere using hand-drawn interweaving leaves with delicate Ranunculus buds. A flowing calming pattern perfect for in a bedroom, dining room or living space. This wallpaper is the perfect balance of nature and beauty. 

The Ranunculus Collection comes in 6 colours - Midnight blue, dark lilac, green & blue, cream & green, brown & cream, blue & beige

  • Hand drawn by Kicki Fjell

    Kicki is a Swedish pattern designer and illustrator with focus on botanicals and food. Her work is characterized by the love for details and colors.

  • Printed in the Netherlands

    All wallpapers from the Pomona Collection are printed to order in the Netherlands and take between 3 to 4 working days

  • 10% Launch discount

    Get 10% off the Pomona collection by Summer Gray. Offer valid until 1st September 2022