Secret Garden is the new wallpaper collection from Summer Gray Amsterdam. Hand drawn by Swedish artist and designer Cecilia Pettersson, the collection takes you on a colourful journey through beautiful floral and foliage patterns


Colourful Carnations, entwined through vines and leaves, create the romantic and delightful wallpaper ‘Cecilia’.

This beautiful floral pattern will bring a sense of classic vintage design into your home. 

The Cecilia wallpaper comes in four colours Apricot, Blush, Ink, Olive.

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Layers of foliage and small perfectly formed berries create the beautiful rich and dense pattern of wallpaper ‘Eve’.  This leafy print brings the wild richness of a secret garden into your home.

The Eve wallpaper comes in four colours - Sand, Bodem, Rose, Evergreen.


These drooping Bluebells bring geometrical beauty to any room and are available in a range of rich vintage colours with earthy tones, including dusty blue and green. 

Bluebells are the last spring flowers to bloom before the woodland canopy closes up and new leaves block out the sunlight, so remind yourself of forthcoming summer days with this beautiful pattern. 

Hand drawn by Cecilia Pettersson

The beautiful wallpapers of Secret Garden were hand drawn by Swedish artist and designer Cecilia Pettersson. Cecilia started the process with paints and paper, before digitalising her creations, developing the details and evolving the patterns over time to what you see today.

  • Hand drawn design

    Hand drawn by Swedish artist and designer Cecilia Pettersson.

  • Printed in the Netherlands

    The Secret Garden collection is printed locally in The Netherlands.