Giselle - making Nocturne beautiful

The Nocturne got made to look even more beautiful by Giselle (gisellebergstrm), who decorated a feature wall with the popular Borastapeter floral wallpaper.

The Nocturne pattern brings together the perfect mix of modern yet classic design. Originally created in the 1950's it was reintroduced to the Borastapeter collection and has become one of our most popular wallpapers to date. 

Multiple colours are available for Noctrurne and the wallpaper includes subtle flashes of shimmering gold elements, set upon a high quality non-woven wallpaper. 

Giselle's instagram account is beautiful and the Nocturne looks great. No wonder it's still adorning peoples walls, 60 years after being created. 

Giselle selected the Borastapeter Nocturne Blue, €75,99