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Sandberg Wallpaper - Sandra Misty Blue (Mural)

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Please email us your wall dimension when you have ordered. The mural is customised to fit your wall perfectly with no unnecessary waste.  There is no return right on this product since it is customised.


Wallpaper Sandra Sandstone is like a romantic whisper from the past. The pattern is dressed with lilies and passion flowers that are floating across the wall. It’s like lying in the grass, watching the flowers dance against the sky. The wallpaper’s linen structure creates a soft, luxurious feel. And at the same time, the three contemporary colour settings make it fit perfectly in the modern home.

This wallpaper is ordered per square meter. 

Brand: Sandberg Wallpaper 
Unit of Measure: per square meter
Dimensions (cm): Custom Size

Panel Width (cm): 45 cm

Please allow from 5 to 10 days for delivery of this product. 

Samples available.

We have samples available for all wallpapers, so if you want to check before you buy, click below.

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Lily's Garden

Lily's Collection and is a hand-drawn artwork by Dutch designer Lily Odette, which has been transformed into a beautiful wallpaper.

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