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Sandberg Wallpaper - Mimi Indigo Blue

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This delicate design is inspired by the wild violets that emerge from small cracks in Sara's walled garden in early spring and weave their way through the castle lawn. Soft, feminine and a reminder of times gone by, it was named in honor of Sara's grandmother, Mimi. This Mimi wallpaper has the color indigo blue.

Designed by Sara Bergqvist

Brand: Sandberg Wallpaper Wallpaper 
type: non-woven wallpaper 
Dimensions: 10.05mx 0.53m 
Repeat pattern: 64cm 

Please allow from 5 to 10 days for delivery of this product. 

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Lily's Garden

Lily's Collection and is a hand-drawn artwork by Dutch designer Lily Odette, which has been transformed into a beautiful wallpaper.

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