Faded Passion Green - Featured Mural

It's not often we feature a single wallpaper, but the Sandberg Faded Passion Green mural deserves it. It's beautiful hand drawn lilies and passion flowers stand out so much that we've actually selected it for our bedroom wall, and we have lot's wallpaper to choose from. 

The wallpaper’s linen structure creates a soft, luxurious feel and the pattern is available in three contemporary colour settings, making it fit perfectly in the modern home. Our personal favourite is the Misty Blue. 

Floral Wallpaper - Sandra Misty Blue (Mural)

Sandra Misty Blue

Floral Wallpaper - Sandra Sandstone (Mural)

Sandra Sandstone

Floral Wallpaper - Sandra Powder White (Mural)

Sandra Powder White

This wallpaper is ordered per square meter making it easier to fit within your space with little waist. Once you have requested the number of square meters, we will create a digital sample of your whole order, showing the complete size of the mural prior to it being printed. 

Sandberg Wallpaper Faded Passion Green