Frequently Asked Questions

What material is your wallpaper made of?

Summer Gray works with brands that use a high-quality non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper is a lot stronger than ordinary (paper) wallpaper. 

Is your wallpaper environmentally friendly?

The materials are very environmentally friendly. Non-woven wallpapers are constructed from a mixture of synthetic and natural fibres (also used for making gauze, coffee filters and teabags). This reduces the paper usages massively. The wallpapers we stock are printed with green guard certificate (low chemical emissions).

Is non-woven wallpaper easy to apply?

Because you only apply the glue straight onto the wall. Everyone can do it!

Which wallpaper glue do you recommend?

Non woven wallpaper can best be applied with Perfax Pink (Ready & Roll) for non-woven wallpaper. Available in almost any wallpaper specialist store or do-it-yourself store. Be careful not to take glue meant for paper wallpaper! The packages are quite similar!

What is the delivery time of your wallpaper?

Please allow between 5 to 10 working days for delivery as a lot of our papers are printed to order to ensure that the rolls colour match perfectly.

Is your wallpaper easy to remove again?

The best thing about non woven wallpaper is that you can easily remove and reapply as your much as you want to update your interiors.

Can I also order your wallpaper to size?

Of course! Both the photo wallpaper and the pattern wallpaper can be ordered to size. You indicate which wallpaper you want and what the size of your wall is. Then we start working on it.