Nocturne Blue for two special little boys

When Michelle contacted us to get some wallpaper samples we were so excited to see how her rooms would turn out. A new wallpaper for both her daughters room and for twin boys that would be arriving in the Summer. 

Michelle had an idea of what she wanted but we chatted about different styles that could work for both her daughters room and the boys room and we sent her a package with a variety of samples to choose from. After receiving the samples Michelle went with her first choice of Borastapeter Nocturne Blue for the twins room. 


The space looks so adorable and the blue really complements the other colours around the room.


Michelle Commented "The reason we chose this wallpaper is because the blue jeans color really appealed to us. I wanted it "romantic cool" in the room, because we were going to recycle a lot of the other children's rooms, the print on the wallpaper makes it exactly as I hoped in combination with the color. We already had the wooden accents, yellow accessories and bedding and that's how everything comes together now for the two little boys!"


Borastapeter Nocturne Blue wallpaper is from the Graceful stories collection and comes in a variety of colours which you can see here

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