Welcome Sandberg to our collection

Summer Gray is proud to add Sandberg wallpapers to our collection. Sandberg is one of the finest wallpaper designers and distributors in the world and prides themselves on creating the finest in hand drawn Scandinavian design. 

Sandberg wallpaper covers the whole spectrum of classic and modern Scandinavian design. But in recent times they have taken ownership of the very popular Scandinavian wallpaper movement. The inspiration for both colour and design often comes from the Swedish landscape and deliver both modern designs but also patterns from their extensive archive, creating new and timeless expressions.

Summer Gray will do what we do best, selecting the finest designs that Sandberg create and lining them up next to our other great brands, making the decision making that much easier. 

You can now find Sandberg wallpapers throughout our site, but here are our top three selections: 

1. Faded Passion Green - a mural pattern which is purchased by feet and trust us - it looks even better in real life. 


2. Pine Green - you can see why Sandberg have had this option in their collection for so long. 

3. Ludvig Turquoise - it's not always the florals that make the best pattern, we still love the traditional patterns that Sandberg produce

These Sandberg wallpapers are available in all our collections.