Commercial Wallpaper Services

Summer Gray provides commercial services for large scale projects including bespoke wallpaper design and helping to select the perfect design. From schools to airports, Summer Gray helps clients to create the perfect ambience in any hotel, office or home.

Wallpaper selection

Selecting the right wallpaper for a large project is not an easy process. Material type, texture and room lighting are all important considerations, not to mention the pattern and colour. When navigating the selection process for a commercial wallpaper, an expert is needed.

Summer Gray offers a unique support and selection service, where texture, patterns and colour samples are reviewed and a decision is made with the confidence of an expert.

Large scale sample tests are also possible, where the wallpaper is displayed on a large scale wall, prior to purchase. 

Room Measurements

Calculating the measurement for a single wall is simple, calculating the measurements for a whole department, multiple rooms or awkward spaces is not so simple.

This is where Summer Gray can help. We have some well practiced approaches and in-house skills to calculate how many wallpaper rolls our needed for larger projects. By taking photos of the space we're able to digitally calculate the volume of a room. 

Bespoke Design

Do you have a specific pattern and style in mind? Do you want a bespoke texture which fits within your restaurant or hotel? Then Summer Gray offers access to our designers, allowing you to create a bespoke wallpaper design that matches