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Borastapeter wallpaper - Shades Quartzite

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The Shades Quartzite wallpaper is in a warm, ash-gray shade reminiscent of quartzite. The surface is powdery and softly mottled, as if painted by hand with lime paint. A living, harmonious wallpaper that creates a calm base in all types of rooms.
The Shades of Chalk collection contains 31 different wallpapers with the same lime surface. In addition to this ash gray, there are several other shades of gray, so feel free to order home wallpaper samples when you choose. Then you will more easily see which wallpaper fits best on your wall.

Samples available.

We have samples available for all wallpapers, so if you want to check before you buy, click below.

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Lily's Garden

Lily's Collection and is a hand-drawn artwork by Dutch designer Lily Odette, which has been transformed into a beautiful wallpaper.

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