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Borastapeter wallpaper - Painter´s Wall

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The single-colored lime wallpaper Painter's Wall has a fully matt, slightly powdery surface and a mottled pattern reminiscent of a patinated, lime-painted wall. The impression is rustic, lively and almost a bit poetic and the room gets a wonderfully dressed feeling.

Here you see the wallpaper in a medium dark shade of soft gray-green. It is also available in 14 other colors, from putty white to dark gray blue. Many of the shades are close to this in the color scale, so feel free to order home wallpaper samples to compare.


  • Roll width: 53cm
  • Roll length: 10.05m
    • Application: paste to wall technique
    • Washability: Extra washable
    • Material: Non-woven
    • Dry-removable: comes off easily

    Environment: The wood raw material we use for paper comes from sustainable forestry.

    Samples available.

    We have samples available for all wallpapers, so if you want to check before you buy, click below.

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