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Iris Esther

Nursery Art - Leopard Spirit Animal by Iris Esther

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This hand painted artwork of the Leopard Spirit Animal invite you and your child in a gentle way to connect to the leopard totem. The leopard totem invites you to take note of your inner strenght, to be patient and wise and to embrace your inner- and outer beauty.

In every artwork, a moon or moonlight is painted. The moon is a powerful symbol of motherhood and therefore behind every child a mother is present.

This beautiful poster will be a wonderful addition to your babies nursery or kids bedroom. These hand illustrated nursery posters come straight from the imagination of Iris Esther, an illustrator whose collections are designed to enrich your beloved nursery. 

From spirit animals to woodland creatures, Summer Gray has hand selected our favourite nursery posters to compliment our nursery & kids wallpaper collection

Product details

Iris Esther posters are produced in limited editions and are hand signed. 

The artworks are printed on A3 size (42 x 29,7 cm) 300 grams Italian textured matte paper to maintain the look and feel of the original watercolor artwork.

Artworks are shipped within 1-2 days of ordering. 

Samples available.

We have samples available for all wallpapers, so if you want to check before you buy, click below.

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