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Mrs Mighetto

Wall Art - Just another sand story

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Once grief was replaced by an overwhelming sense of absence, there were no tears left to shed. Once the emptiness filled the quiet space where grief had taken hold, there was no room for anything else. We sat there motionless; without words, without tears, without hope. A place devoid of life where hearts still beat. A place where, in spite of everything, a pulse can be felt. Time was the only source of solace in an infinitely hopeless time.

The Poster measure 50×40 cm and is printed on 170 g Munken Polar Rough matte paper to maintain the nice feel of the original in watercolor. Limited edition, when it’s sold out, it is sold out forever.

Prints are shipped within one day of ordering. 

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Lily's Garden

Lily's Collection and is a hand-drawn artwork by Dutch designer Lily Odette, which has been transformed into a beautiful wallpaper.

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